An innovation in the world of litter!


paper shavings litter

A multitude of advantages for stables. Combines all the advantages of other types of litter available on the market, without the disadvantages!

Lots of benefits and savings!

The list of advantages is impressive, both in terms of savings in production costs and benefits for the animal and biosecurity as well as manure recovery.

Pure Bedding litter combines all the advantages of other types of litter available on the market, without the disadvantages!

Discover its multitude of advantages!

The great absorbency of our paper mixture prevents urine from dripping, which reduces the amount of soiled shavings to remove and allows you to put on a layer thinner than wood. Paper shavings absorb 5 times the amount of liquid absorbed by wood shavings and absorption is instantaneous.

Its use is much more economical than wood and will bring you several other advantages to consider.


Is recommended for animals with respiratory problems
Reduces risk of lung disease caused by dust
Recommended for horses with asthma or respiratory problems. (testimonials from people who have eliminated the need for medication to be given to their horse)
Marked decrease in cases of pneumonia in calves
Contains no phenol which burns the eyes and irritates the respiratory tract of small animals (present in wood shavings)


Instantly absorbs 5 times more liquid than wood shavings, no runoff
1 lbs of paper absorbs more than 3 liters of water (link to video)
Contains a gelling additive which increases the absorbent properties tenfold (for large animals)
Keeps pet cleaner and drier
Helps reduce frog rot problems.
Instant absorption reduces the amount to use while reducing the amount of soiled paper to remove
Requires a thinner layer than wood and covers a larger area (If the desired need is urine absorption, a thin layer is fine, about 2 inches) If the desired need is a comfortable resting place for your horse, it is then possible to put thicker depending on the desired effect.


Virgin paper, not from post consumer source, contains no ink.
Food grade paper, with great absorbency.
Does not contain photocopy or newsprint type paper.
Is neither treated nor washed in acids. Is biosafe for both humans and animals
Litter box providing the most sanitized environment
Reduces the risk of disease and infection.
Is used for places of postoperative convalescence and for places of birth of animals
Also used for newborn growth areas
Is free from any insects or parasites (sometimes present in bulk wood shavings.)


Soft and fluffy texture that provides a cozy environment and promotes animal well-being
Reduces ammonia odors which are absorbed by the paper. Indeed, the cellulose of the paper has an absorbent power capable of eliminating bad odors. Test it with your cat!
Dry, odorless shreds reduce the proliferation of flies that are attracted to odors and breed in moist environments
Has better thermal properties than wood and adds to the comfort of small animals
Offers better insulation in cold weather – keeps you warmer. The air spaces between each piece of paper create a thermal barrier and the flexibility of the material allows small animals such as poultry to make a cozy nest that keeps them warm.
The fiber contained in the paper allows it to keep its texture when wet, does not become muddy or muddy like newspaper.


Reduces the volume of manure generated (compared to wood) The flexibility of paper and its absorbent properties increases the speed of the composting process.
Paper has a lower acidity rate than wood, thus offering a compost more suitable for growing vegetables (vegetables do not like soils that are too acidic)
Compost made from paper brings more lightness to the soil and helps keep the soil moist for a longer period. (the absorbent power of the paper makes it possible to store a greater proportion of water which will be beneficial for the plant in times of drought).
Since paper manure is much less acidic than wood and composts much faster, this allows larger quantities to be spread in the field, as the soil digests it more quickly.
Tests carried out with poultry manure have also shown that the quantity of nitrogen (N) available is much higher with paper shavings, which makes it possible to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer. (see the analysis result in the appendix)

25 cubic feet pressed to 2.8 cubic feet.
Dimensions: 24” x 18” x 11”